About our Falconry handling experience in Rhayader mid wales.

We offer an up close and personal meet and greet with our Birds.
The chance to handle and fly them, we can tailor a session to suit all.

You could meet "Kane"  - "Kia" - "Jess"  - "Jemma" - "Shey" our Harris hawks.

  "Meadow"  - "Ghost" - "Mist"  our Barn owls,

"Midnight"  our American Barn owl x Ashy face
"Lunar" & "Merlin" our Bengal eagle owls.

"Aiya our  European eagle owl"           "Clyde our Northern Goshawk"                "Matilda our Snowy owl"

"Fallon or Rossi our Saker Falcons"                                                                  "Phoenix or Dekota our Redtail Hawks"

Our sessions are totally unhurried.
We do our best to cater for everyone young and mature. able bodied and disabled.
We try to make all sessions educational as well as entertaining.

We are available for functions, events, parties etc.
Tim has over 36 years experience and an HND in animal welfare and management.
He also offers Falconry training days for anyone looking to get into Falconry.

​Bilbo the BOOBOOK owl

Hawk and Owls Experience

With our Falconry experience, you will be able to get up close with the hawks and owls as well as have them fly to you.  
Falconry handling experience
We have a varied selection of birds of prey from around the world with new birds on the way.

Younger spectators are welcome under close supervision from an adult for their safety as birds of prey are not tame domesticated animals even if they are trained to fly to the glove for reward.

Plenty of photo opportunities throughout your visit.
Owl handling experience
Hawk handling experience

Falconry training day

The day starts at 10:30am where we will get to know each other over a cup of  tea or coffee, then it's hands-on learning.
At around 13:00 we break off for lunch (provided), Tim is ever present so that you can chat about the morning’s experiences.
Among the subjects that the course will deal with is how to choose the right bird, how to fit all its equipment, the housing needed for it, diet, how to tell if your bird is off-colour or sick, the initial training of the bird, flying the bird up to the stage of “off the creance”, and telemetry.
The afternoon session consists of Tim showing you how to call a selection of our birds to the fist.
We will have some fun learning how to swing a lure It takes months of practice before you can try this yourself, the last thing you want to do is to hit the bird with the lure. Then we will have a photo session, The day ends at 16:00 with another cup of tea or coffee and the chance to discuss the afternoon.
Feel free to ask questions at any point through-out the day.

If you need to travel why not combine the day with a stay in one of our Gypsy wagons. 

Wear good footwear and clothing.

Childrens owl parties

Our childrens owl parties have proven to be very popular. giving the chance for younger ones to meet a few owls and have fun with their friends.
Just don't leave it until the last minute to book.

Gypsy caravan weekend break combined with any of our Falconry handling ​experiences.

Gypsy caravan wekend breaks rhayader mid wales

why not combine a stay in one of our
Gypsy caravans or our Shepherds hut
along with a 
Falconry experience with our hawks and owls
while taking the rest of the time enjoying what the surrounding area has to offer.

More Birds coming soon

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